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"They stand, seducing out of shadows. Playing romantic and heartbreaking song stories that tie together obsession, desire and dream with a voice that curls like smoke." - Big Takeover Magazine


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Released by Movie Score Media/ Quartet Records

Featuring music from the short animated documentary LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL.

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MILVA: CANTA DI LIBERTA (Documentary, IN PRODUCTION) Composer/ Orchestrator & Songwriter 
Dir. Elizabeth Beech

SHADOWMAKER (Documentary, IN PRODUCTION) Composer/ Orchestrator 
Dir. Elizabeth Beech - Narrated by Lotte Reiniger 

PORNO (Narrative Horror/Comedy, 2019) Composer/ Orchestrator 
Dir. Keola Racela - Premiered at SXSW 2019

L.A.: A QUEER HISTORY (Documentary, 2019) Composer/ Orchestrator 
Dir. Gregorio Dávila - Narrated by Steve Buscemi - Starring Rosario Dawson and Drea de Matteo. 

SAY YES (Narrative Drama, 2018) Composer 
Dir. Stewart Wade - Starring Leah McKendrick, Patrick Zeller and Matt Pascua
Available on AMAZON 

SPA NIGHT (Narrative Drama, 2016) Songwriter/ Composer
Dir. Andrew Ahn (None the Less Productions) - Starring Joe Seo
Awards: Independent Spirit Award, Sundance Film Festival (Special Jury Prize), Outfest (Grand Jury Prize)
Available on NETFLIX 

CLAMBAKE (Documentary, 2015) Composer 
Dir. Andrea Meyerson (Stand Out Productions) - Starring Kate Clinton, Gloria Bigelow and Julie Goldman Awards: Boston LGBT Film Festival (Nom.), Provincetown Int.Film Festival (Nom.) 

LETTER TO ANITA (Documentary, 2014) Composer 
Dir. Andrea Meyerson (Stand Out Productions) - Starring Meredith Baxter
Awards: Outfest Film Festival (Nom.), Frameline Film Festival (Nom.), Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival (Nom.) 

THE HUNTING GROUND (Documentary, 2013) Assistant to Composer 
Dir. Kirby Dick - Music by Miriam Cutler.

BLACK NATIVITY (Musical, 2013) Assistant to Composer 
Dir. Kasi Lemmons (Fox Searchlight), Music by Laura Karpman - Starring Forest Whitaker & Angela Bassett 

THE GENIUS OF A PLACE (Documentary, 2013) Assistant to Composer 
Dir. Sarah Marder - Music by Miriam Cutler


WERE YOU GAY IN HIGHSCHOOL (Dramedy, 2020) Composer & Songwriter
Dir. Niki Ang & Karen Du
Producers: Andrew Ahn, Diana Ward

MY NAME IS MARIA DE JESUS (Drama, 2017) Composer & Sound Designer
Dir. Marcella Ochoa
Available on HBO

CHOKE (Drama, 2018) Composer/ Orchestrator
Dir. Rolla Selbak
Awards: Outfest (Best Short, Nom.)

LOTTE THAT SILHOUETTE GIRL (Animated Documentary, 2018) Composer/ Orchestrator and Filmmaker
Dir. Elizabeth Beech and Carla Patullo - Narrated by Lotte Reiniger
Awards: Music + Sound Award Finalist, Global Music Award (Best Score), IDA Shortlist.

JEANNE CORDOVA (Documentary, 2017) Composer
Dir. Gregorio Dávila
Awards: Outfest (Jury Award)

PIZZA FACE (Animation, 2017) Composer
Dir. Justin Ulloa, Jamie Dwyer (Snaxtime Pictures)
Awards: Comic Con San Diego,Nice International Film Festival (Best Score Nom.)

CINDERELLA, A SHADOW BALLET (Musical Animation, 2015) Composer
Dir. Lotte Reiniger
Awards: Global Music Award (Best Score), HMMA (Best Score,Nom.)

THE CURSE (Comedy, 2017) Composer
Dir. Danny Tayara
Award: Frameline Film Festival - Best Short (Nom.)

GETTING STARTED (Comedy, TBR 2018) Composer 
Dir. Andrea Meyerson

CRYSTAL THE WEB SERIES (Comedy, 2017) Composer
Dir. Crystal Correa, Premiered LA FIlm Festival

HIGHLAND CAFE (Comedy, 2017) Composer 
Dir. Yuehan Zhang

ONE WAY STREET (Comedy, 2017) Composer
Dir. Andrea Meyerson

DANCE OF THE LIVING DEAD (Musical, 2017) Composer
Dir. Chris Peters

CHEESE DOG: THE MOVIE (Animation, 2015) Composer
 Dir. Justin Ulloa, Jamie Dwyer

THE NO-LOVE LETTERS (Drama, 2015) Composer
Dir. Michelle Bernstein

A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER (Horror, 2012) Songwriter
Dir. Justin Ulloa and Jamie Dwyer


True Crime: The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas (ID/ Discovery Channel)
Teen Titans Go! (Cartoon Network)
Secrets of the Underground (Science Channel), Songwriter
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (NBC), Songwriter
The Young & the Restless (CBS), Songwriter
BET News: Mandela Freedom’s Father (BET), Songwriter
Dance Moms (Lifetime), Songwriter
Skins (BBC & MTV), Songwriter
Craft in America (PBS), Vocalist
Makers: Women in Hollywood (PBS), Vocalist
All My Children (ABC), Songwriter
The Baby Wait (Logo), Songwriter
E News Daily (E!), Songwriter
Nash Bridges (CBS/Paramount), Songwriter
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (ABC), Songwriter
Mob Wives of Chicago (VH1), Songwriter
Makers: Women Who Make America (PBS) Composer’s Assistant and Vocalist
Craft in America (PBS) Assistant to composer, Vocalist and Guitarist
Fashion Television, Songwriter
Extreme Cribs (MTV), Songwriter
Teen Mom 2 (MTV), Songwriter
Moving In (MTV), Songwriter
Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll (FX), Songwriter
True Life (MTV), Songwriter
Remodeled (VH1), Songwriter
Audrina (VH1), Songwriter
Rodeo Girls (A&E), Songwriter
Say Yes to the Dress (TLC), Songwriter
Flipping Out (Bravo), Songwriter
Crystal (Web Series), Composer
Maybelle (Web Series), Music Producer
Big Sky Crazy (Web Series), Composer


Venice: the Series - Sound Designer & Mixer. Produced by Open Book Productions
(Daytime Emmy Award - Best Digital Series (2017), Daytime Emmy Award - Best Digital Series, 2018)
VR - St Michaels Place- Composer & Sound Designer. Produced by ICOM Games
Advertisement - Introducing Mirum (2014) Composer. Produced by J Walter ompson
Advertisement - Verizon (2014) Composer. Produced by J Walter ompson
Video Game - Project Spark (2014) Vocalist. Produced by Microsoft


Music + Sound Award Finalist - Best Short Film Score (Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Hollywood Music in Media Nominee - Best Original Score/Indie Short Film (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Hollywood Music in Media Nominee - Music Genre, Singer-Songwriter (The Ocean)
Global Music Award Winner - Best Score (Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Emmy Award - Nomination - Best Digital Series (Venice: The Series, Sound Design+Post Sound)
IDA Documentary Awards - Shortlist - (Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Global Music Award Winner - Best Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
American Track Music Award Nominee - Best Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
WorldFest Houston - Platinum Remi Award for Best Music Short (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Garden State Film Festival Winner - Best Orchestral Theme (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Indie FEST Winner - Best Original Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
IFA International Film Festival Winner - Best Original Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Spotlight Short Film Award Winner - Best Original Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards Winner - Best Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Nice International Film Festival Nominee - Best Score (Pizza Face)
Independent International Film Awards Winner - Best Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Scruffy City Film & Music Festival Nominee - Best Film Score (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Utah Music Award Nominee - Best Soundtrack (Cinderella A Shadow Ballet)
Vision Fest Nominee - Best Score (Cheese Dog the Movie)
Zed Fest Film Festival Winner - Best Original Score (Cheese Dog the Movie)

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