Carla Patullo
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“Carla Patullo’s score is a nicely poker-faced channeling of fantasy-action soundtrack tropes from a generation ago.” - Variety, March 2019

Award-winning composer Carla Patullo, also known as White Widow, has created rich and diverse soundscapes for film and television productions that have won awards including a Daytime Emmy, a BAFTA, an Independent Spirit Award, and the GLAAD Media Award. 



Last year, Skywalker Sound and the Sundance Institute selected Carla as a Composer Fellow for the 2018 Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab, during which she developed her haunting and vocally-driven score to Keola Racela’s horror comedy “Porno” which premiered this year at SXSW. According to Variety Magazine, “Carla Patullo’s score is a nicely poker-faced channeling of fantasy-action soundtrack tropes from a generation ago.”

She is currently working on three documentary features: “Shadow Maker,” about animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger; “Canta di Liberta,” about the renowned Italian singer Milva; and Gregorio Davila’s LGBTA doc “LA: A Queer History.” With a sound that ranges from raw industrial to lush orchestral, Carla’s other credits include the award-winning Sundance selection “Spa Night,” the HBO’s My Name is Maria De Jesus, and the Outfest selections “Letter to Anita,” “Jeanne Cordova,” and “Say Yes.”

"With a hypnotic and harmonic sound, and a supremely mysterious mood, Patullo takes the viewer on a captivating sonic journey that’s really something to hear. The lush arrangements are exquisitely filled out by tinkling pianos, moody strings, and equally brooding cellos. The swirling and whirling rhythmic push’n’pull of the chugging tempos and steady beats provide an extra stirring kick to the already tasty proceedings. . . Sheer intoxicating pleasure."

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Carla also co-founded the production company Trick Studio, through which she directed and scored the award-winning animated short film, “Cinderella, a Shadow Ballet,” based on Reiniger’s original 1922 silent film “Aschenputtel.” Carla’s score won her a Global Music Award, and two Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominations for Best Original Score and Best Singer-Songwriter. Carla followed up her success by directing and scoring the critically-acclaimed short, Lotte That Sihouette Girl,” which earned her a Music+Sound Award nomination for Best Short Film Score, won the American Documentary Film Festival award for Best U.S. Short, was one of the Hottest Shorts at Hot Docs, and shortlisted for a 2018 IDA Award. A suite of the soundtrack was released on Movie Score Media/Quartet Records: Short Cuts 2018: The Best of Original Short Motion Picture Scores. The album also features works by Angelo Badalamenti and Joseph Stevens.

In addition to composing, Carla is a prolific songwriter and has had over 100 song placements on Emmy-winning shows, such as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Young & the Restless,” “Skins,” and in dance performances by Maddie Ziegler on the show “Dance Moms.” Furthermore, Carla has toured internationally as a solo performer and with her band. Her vocals can be heard on the Microsoft video game “Project Spark,” and the PBS show “Craft in America.” She was also the musical director for actress/comedian Sandra Bernhard’s “I Love Being Me, Don’t You” album tour, which included performances with Liza Minnelli, Rufus Wainwright, and Justin Vivian Bond.




HBO Latino (TV premiere of the film I AM MARIA DE JESUS)
(World premiere of PORNO)
Sundance Film Festival
(Guest Performance Artist)


Academy Award (For Your Consideration - Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
IDA Award (Shortlist for Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Music + Sound Award
(Finalist for best score to Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Sundance Composer Fellow (Sundance Film Music and Sound Design Lab)
American Documentary Film Festival (Winner Best Short Documentary: Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Tallgrass Film Festival (Winner Best Short Documentary: Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Docutah Film Festival (Emerging Filmmaker Award for Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Rome Int. Film Festival (Winner Best Short Documentary: Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Emmy Award Nomination  (Venice the Series, Best Series)
Global Music Award (Lotte that Silhouette Girl wins Best Soundtrack)
Hot Docs (Hottest Shorts at Hot Docs Program: Lotte that Silhouette Girl)
Ann Arbor Film Festival (World premiere of Lotte that Silhouette Girl)


Emmy Award Nomination  (Venice the Series, Best Series)
Independent Spirit Award (Spa Night)
NETFLIX (Spa Night, available for streaming)
Outfest Film Festival (Premiere of JEANE CORDOVA & Best Short Film Award)


SPA NIGHT Theatrical Release (Composer/Songwriter)
Hollywood Music in Media (Nom. - Singer-Songwriter) 
WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival (Plat. Remi Award - Best Music Short)
Garden State Film Festival (Winner - Best Orchestral Theme)
Sundance Film Festival (Premiere of SPA NIGHT w/music by White Widow)


Hollywood Music in Media (Nom. - Best Original Score/Indie Short Film)
Global Music Awards (Winner - Best Score)
Indie FEST (Winner - Best Original Score, 2015)
Spotlight Short Film Award (Winner - Best Original Score)
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (Winner - Best Score)


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