Carla Patullo
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The Shadowmaker project is a series of music, shadows, and animation fusions that are inspired by the life work of overlooked animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger. Carla Patullo began the series in 2013 writing music for Lotte’s 1922 Aschenputtel, resulting in the short animation Cinderella: A Shadow Ballet (2015). Carla then continued the series with the music-driven documentary Lotte that Silhouette Girl (2018), followed by a haunting musical score The Grasshopper and the Ant (2019), which will be released later this year. And she is currently developing the biographical feature about Lotte called Shadowmaker (2020).

Lotte Reiniger poured over music, and she used musical compositions as the foundation of each of her 50-plus films. As a composer, Carla is inspired by the graceful and signature movements in Lotte’s stop-motion shadow animations. The rhythm, the pulse, and the combination of music with bodies in motion all give these collaborations a sense of magic that you might find in a ballet or modern dance concert.

Using a hybrid of orchestral variations, electronic overtones, and lush vocals, Carla has established a multi-layered sound for the Shadowmaker project that blends with the visual depth in Lotte’s work achieved through her ground-breaking development of the multiplane camera. Carla also uses music and lyrics as additional layers of abstract narration and new story interpretations to Lotte’s silent and classic fairy tale films. Experimentation and fantastical film tricks were elements that drove Lotte to make films, and Carla embodies that same free spirit with her music.

"To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light.  " - Carl Jung